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Joanna Newsom, Mi and L'au, Lavender Diamons + more @ ArthurBall LA - Feb 25 & 26

Saturday, February 25
Joanna Newsom
Brightblack Morning Light
Unknown Instructors (featuring Dan McGuire, Mike Watt, Joe Baiza, Stephen Perkins, George Hurley)
Pearls & Brass
Mi & L'au
Winter Flowers
Starter Set Dancers (feat. leg and pants dans theeatre)
Society of Rockets

plus world premiere of three new full-length documentary films from Sublime Frequencies:
Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan (directed by Robert Millis)
Sumatran Folk Cinema (directed by Mark Gerghis and Alan Bishop)
Morocco: Musical Brotherhoods from the Trans-Saharan Highway (directed by Hisham Mayet)

Read film descriptions.

All filmmakers will be in attendance.

Sunday, February 26
The 5:15ers (feat. Josh Homme and Chris Goss)
Born Heller (feat. Josephine Foster)
Tarantula A.D.
Lavender Diamond
Afrobeat Down
Plastic Crimewave Sound
Indian Jewelry
Town & Country

plus a screening of Keepintime and an exclusive preview of Brasilintime

Read film descriptions.

Director B+ will be in attendance.

Author Erik Davis will do a multimedia presentation/lecture on "Visionary Media," accompanied with visuals by Biomorphica and sound manipulations by Nalepa

White Rainbow will run an all-day 'Full-Spectrum Vibrational Healing Center' environment...

Other appearances: Lewis Macadams, Grant Morrison, Trinie Dalton, Byron Coley, The Mars Society and many more poets, thinkers, artists, jokers, yapers and typers tba!

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ArthurBall on MySpace
Arthur Magazine

4pm / $22 single pass $40 2-day pass / 18+
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