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new psychedelia
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1991 flashpoint, 60's music, applesaucer, aspera, athens, bablicon, badly drawn boy, belle and sebastian, bent leg fatima, beulah, birdie, black swan network, breezy porticos, call and response, calvin don't jump, chocolate usa, cornelius, danielson famile, death by chocolate, denver, dixie blood mustache, dominant fiction, dressy bessy, elephant 6, elephant 6 bands, elephant six, elf power, fablefactory, french kicks, frosted ambassador, gorky's zygotic mynci, great lakes, jim greer, john stuart mill, junior varsity, kindercore, king everything, king sauce, ladybug transistor, lambchop, lenola, lupine howl, marbles, marshmallow coast, merge records, midget and hairs, mint, my first keyboard, navals, neutral milk hotel, new psychedelia, noah vail, nobodaddy, novosonic down hyperspace, of montreal, oldies, olivia tremor control, orange mothers, orange twin, oranger, orchestre fantastique, perry weissman 3, porcelain rockstar, psychedelia, ross beache, secret square, spectrum, spiritualized, starlight mints, summer hymns, super furry animals, the aislers set, the apples in stereo, the barkers, the beach boys, the beatles, the capitol years, the circulatory system, the essex green, the flaming lips, the gants, the gerbils, the gwens, the incredible string band, the japonize elephants, the late b.p. helium, the minders, the music tapes, the pixies, the shins, the shondelles, the sixth great lake, the sunshine fix, the wee turtles, the zombies, thimble circus, visitations, von hemmling, whistler, xtc

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